Dhankesari Todays Result

Dhankesari Today’s Result of Nagaland State Lottery – 2:00 PM Morning, 6:00 PM Day and 8:00 PM Evening / Night Live on Dhankesari Dear Lottery Sambad.

Todays Result

1:00 PM

6:00 PM

8:00 PM

Dhankesari 1:00 PM

Dhankesari 6:00 PM

Dhankesari 8:00 PM

Nagaland State Lottery Prize

RankNo. of PrizesPrize Amount (in ₹)Super Prize Amount (in ₹)

Note: The price chart above is for Dear Morning Lottery. The number of prizes for Dear Evening Lottery is: 1, 259, 2600, 26000, 26000, 260000 and Dear Evening Lottery is 1, 699, 7000, 70000, 70000, 700000 in the same order. The price amount is the same.

Dear Morning 1:00 PM

DayTicket Name
MondayDear Ganga Morning
TuesdayDear Teesta Morning
WednesdayDear Torsa Morning
ThursdayDear Padma Morning
FridayDear Hooghly Morning
SaturdayDear Kosai Morning
SundayDear Damodar Morning

Dear Day 6:00 PM

DayTicket Name
MondayDear Sun
TuesdayDear Moon
WednesdayDear Mercury
ThursdayDear Venus
FridayDear Earth
SaturdayDear Mars
SundayDear Jupiter

Dear Evening 8:00 PM

DayTicket Name
MondayDear Flamingo Evening
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
WednesdayDear Eagle Evening
ThursdayDear Falcon Evening
FridayDear Vulture Evening
SaturdayDear Ostrich Evening
SundayDear Hawk Evening